Catch Up Post:  Preparing for the Dogs to Live in Tennessee

Catch Up Post: Preparing for the Dogs to Live in Tennessee

After we bought the house in Tennessee, we were able to bring the dogs with us when we traveled to check on the Farm.  The yard wasn't fenced in so the first few times we came down, we got a couple of dog cables to hook them to.  We had it set so the cables reached...

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Catch Up Post:  The Temporary House

Catch Up Post: The Temporary House

  We bought the farm in November 2010 - 94 acres of raw dirt.  Then we had to decide where we were going to stay when we came down to work on the farm.  We really didn't want to stay at a hotel, we wanted something more permanent.  Besides, the nearest hotel is...

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Catch Up Post: Building the Barn

  Now that we have finally moved and settled in Tennessee, I'm writing a few catch up posts.  We started building the barn (our contractor prefers that we call it a garage) in April, 2011.  In all fairness, it is more than a barn.  It does currently house a...

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New pasture fenced in

Sorry for the long delay between updates. Moving and all that really doesn't leave a lot of time for us to do much more than get work done. However, we did just finish fencing off about 5 acres for the horses. They had been on half an acre since we got here around...

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The Long Drive

We just got back from another week in Tennessee hoping to get the bulk of the construction done on the first barn. Instead it rained. Not a lot, but enough to keep the concrete work from being done. We did manage to get the driveway put in though. Here is a sort of...

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Welcome To Our New Home

Welcome to Red Fence Ridge. After years of planning and saving and more planning, we have finally begun to start on the next phase of our lives. Diane and I managed to buy approximately 100 acres in western Tennessee. We are excited to be able to start building a...

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