I know it’s been a long time since we last updated the blog, I blame Diane – it’s her job. I’ll leave her to go back and fill in all the details of what has happened since the last time she posted, I’m here to show off the new house construction we have going on here.

A couple weeks ago we got started digging the hole for the basement and getting everything laid out. As usual for down here, things were going great, for a while. We had hired the same crew that built our big barn to build the house. Dudley Ingram did his usual outstanding job on the excavation. Frank Forsythe did a great job getting everything organized. Scott, well, Scott was Scott. He started the job, found reasons to work half days, and then, suddenly, without warning or comment, skipped town.

Really, he left town. Moved back to Michigan. No word, no finished job, just gone. Fortunately we are pretty strict about paying for materials ourselves and paying for labor as we go. So cash wise we might be out a few hundred dollars. Time wise, it cost us a week while we found a new masonry crew and found a hole in their schedule where they could come all the way down from Jackson to put up the rest of the block. They were great, fast, and hard working. Everything you love in a work crew.

That brings us up to today. They finished yesterday and I was able to put together our first time lapse video of the process. There was a picture taken every 60 seconds and I used just under 4,500 pictures to make this almost 5 minute movie. BTW, I love my GoPro camera. It’s perfect for this type of work if you can keep it powered all day long.

We hope you like the movie and enjoy the ride with us as we build the house.